Charter Communications disallowing customer owned modems

Charter Communications is no longer allowing customer owned cable modems anymore. Customers are forced to use used cable modems.

I personally tried to activate a brand new unmodified Motorola SurfBoard 6141 and Charter refused. This will affect local stores and economy because of this.

 According to Charter's website:
"Effective June 26, 2012 For new Internet Customers and customers switching to our New Package Pricing, we will no longer allow customer-owned modems on our network. In order to provide our customers powerful and reliable Internet service at a great value, we will provide modems included in Internet pricing under our New Package Pricing."

When I questioned Charter, they could not come up with a valid answer.

Ya im on charter here too and they suck. I had a set up where i could draw files from my nas at home and they suspended my internet for a week because they thought i was running a server out of my house.

I freaking hate the provided ISP modems. They break all the time because they buy the cheapest crap. and some ISP now only provide combo modem rougher units and they are even worse. thankfully my ISP allows the use of customer owned equipment.

I have been a customer since 09 and first full week of January I changed my modem.

Can you guys really not see why?

It's to prevent people from using their own modem, and having problems. Then calling support and bitching about their problems.

Its a standard. Nothing wrong with that.

My house runs Time Warner internet since it's pretty much the only internet available. The speeds aren't the greatest unless you're ransoming children to pay for the top end stuff, but they at least allow the customers to set up their own modems (I think you might have to choose one off a list though?).

What about the poor people who know what they are doing. They force fed by Charter. Charter doesn't know what they are doing and probably go bankrupt again. Charter could be installing backdoors on these modems for the NSA or install poor firmwares that have vulnerabilities that allow hackers to get in. Charter are idiots and so far the only cable company forcing users.

There needs to be more ISP choices for people.

I want to install my top of the line brand new modem and not be forced to use a used cable modem from Charter.

I say every Charter customer should call up and complain until they change back.

Remember when Big Bell forced people to use their telephones?

Anyone who is using a third party modem is going to know what they are doing and most likely not have problems. It also would not be hard for them to say in the contract that if you use third party hardware they are not responsible for any problems with it.

Just use your own router behind the company provided box, if you are paranoid, you can open the box to cut the wifi antenna & check for mics, if you fear the nsa is going to spy on you or use the wifi in a back-doored to box to hack you,

Charter claims that they can provide latest firmware updates to their own modems where they dont provide firmware updates to customer owned cable modems.

I emailed the President and a top Customer Service Exec from Charter.

President:  [email protected]
Customer Service Exec: [email protected]

It appears Charter has been violating Net Neutrality since June 26, 2012 by not allowing non-harmful devices on the network. Charter is being Evil. Time Warner better not accept Charter's deal.

Oh they will. Evil companies working together = big profit.

I created a petition for this. The petition will email the President of Charter for every signature. LOL