Charity case/sob story

he yall
TLDR getting divroced, left all to wife, looking for help building a rig

ok here goes - i moved to istanbul to live with my wife and gave basically all of my gear away...i had to scrounge recently to build a pfsense router...yea, you read that correctly...its awesome though still

anyways i taught english over there and it was great but the woman and i decided to split after 5 years and i moved in with a friend. great guy, put up with my shit, and i owed him a months rent so when i left i gave him my rig (i also didnt have the $$ to ship it home, admittedly)...that was an old HP Z600 with dual X5660's, 48GB registered ECC dimms, RX480, SSD's in RAID 0, it kicked ass, but i couldnt keep it
So im home, jobless (for the moment, hopefully only until Aug or so) and bored out of my goddamn mind.
ive rooted my tablet and made it an FTP server, rooted my phone, which doesnt even have a SIM for the US, bricked one xbox, built the aforementioned router, and am currently typing on an E6500 with Win10 and LMint Sarah...but therein lies the problem...
cant game on an E6500 aside from some emulators and, i dunno, oregon trail....and i refuse to get dysentery and broke

i have an E5520 and a pair of E5640's, a D-link g wifi card, and a few DDR dimms and thats about it...i would trade anything for anything else remotely new that i could use to build a new rig...anything that youre just not using, dont need anymore, whatever
ideally id like to make a triple-boot hackintosh/win10/lmint sarah machine but thats really this point im just looking to play BF4 at 1080p to kill the time between now and august without going nuts
so, if anyone needs any or all of that crap PLEASE get at me and hey donations are ALWAYS accepted...
if not i get it but hey, if you dont ask you dont get....i can just only imagine how much of you have stuff laying around collecting dust that id drool over

normally i wouldnt ask but it seems the people on this forum are generally pretty cool and seem to just enjoy the sport of it if you will and thats where im at....when you lose your hobby, man, that shit SUCKS
i should be able to pay for US shipping of course but most of the cash went to my wifey

anyways if youve gotten this far then thanks, please dont post crappy comments....if youve never been down and out then congratulations...the best i can say is that when im up and in ill be donating anything extra i have to whoever is on here