Changing to win 8 right now any last words

making the change right now to windows 8 to see how bad it really is... If its just unworkable then it will be a good time to swich OS to something else we will see how it goes any last ideas before I go to the dark side?



It was terrible the whole 2 times i tried it.










End of.

Windows 8 is their attempt to gain a foothold into the tablet and phone market. They appear to have more put into they program to make it look pretty rather than user friendly and defiantly not intended for desktop users. Many I have spoken to say you have to have a very supple wrist to move the mouse from one end of the screen to the other just to accomplish what was done with a right click with Windows 7. I personally could never see a company switching over to 8 for their OS as it is more designed for today’s uneducated users. Please, prove us all wrong and I hope it works for your personal needs. I just ordered 2 more copies of Windows 7 before I am forced to use 8. Again opinions are like backsides, everyone has one and this is just mine. In all honesty, I wish you all the best with this OS.

well tbh this is my forcing step to move to linux based os

Linux is shit for games.

I installed Windows 8 to get the new features and faster load times, but I don't really like the start screen or the hot corners, so I instaled StartisBack. This makes windows 8 boot to desktop and behave for the most part like Windows 7, so I think that is the best way to go if you want to get the best of both OSes

I'm posting from Kubuntu right now due to fear of Windows future.

Faster boot times is not a Windows 8 feature.  7 can easily be installed UEFI.

been on it for two months, my nexus 7 still functions better...

I'm definitely worried about Windows' future. Hopefully windows blue will offer some improvements to windows 8 for the desktop. There really is no good reason why MS can't provide user with more options to choose the UI they want.

Install Start 8 so you wont have to deal with the Metro garbage and you should be good.

all this has heped a lot some good talking points on both sides

so far its not to bad I love the task bar on all my displays but with start 8 so far not to bad

Face it, with the release of 8, everything will change alot. For me, I do not see any fuss about it.

I figure it shouldn't suck if yo have a mouse. But if you have a not touchscreen laptop, and expect to use keybindings (like I do) with minimal trackpad usage think again. Fucking thing is awful for track pads, the multitouch/gestures are also poorly thought out, things like "App-Switching Gestures" which are a broad left to right trackpad stroke will switch apps, but the right to left stroke will not bring you back.

Proprabably bearable with a mouse. I'm going to stick with win7 on my main machine until they have SP1, and this laptop will never run anythin except linux.

So an update


Windows 8 has been pretty calm for the most part I first installed start 8 and only ever saw that start screen once!  Mainly it runs about the same as my windows 7 did I thank it’s a little slower then win 7 but when I have a game up it runs at the speeds it should.  Although I will say make shore you have your motherboards bios up to date for it because getting simple things to work like your hdd’s is a real pain in the ass.



well i installed windows 8 three time after updates it made my pc a rock ...


Honestly, for some people, they love having windows 8 on their machine, but for me it is just frustration and trouble. If you do decide to make the leap to Win8, despite all the comments that say you shouldn't, then at least make sure that you go and download classic shell and a new start menu image for it when the install is done. Silly Microsoft just went and blatantly disregarded the 20 or so years of pavlovian training it put into the start button and start menu by removing it and then subsequently removing all the native workarounds for it.


Here is Classic Shell for the re-application of the start menu:


And here is a skin for it that gives you back the classic windows 7 orb and menu interface:

Going back to 7 right now. Upgraded a few weeks back. I did like some features like the start screen and faster boot times. One thing that I loved was that the OS installed drivers by itself which was amazing! Plugged in my printer and boom! it worked for the first time without any hassles. But a few weeks after installing all my games and other software I can see lag. The start screen takes time to load up and boot has slown.

One thing that scares me is that unlike 7 where you had that logging in screen with the circle, 8 directly takes you to the metro ui from the boot sqecuence. Now that the boot time has increased after installing alot of stuff, many times is there is a black screen of nothing which creeps me out and many I think whether the thing is booting or not.

Another thing I hate are the apps. There are NO apps at all. A few here but thats it. This really bugs me as I expected to have some apps at least. 

Well, this was my experience. I am switching back because I got some serious GPU issues. I installed an update for myy graphics card and it wasn't optimized for Win8. The whole thing messed up and I am too lazzy to fix it. So I am taking this chance to switch back.