Changing mobo - Reinstall needed?

It has been a long while since I’ve changed motherboard, and the first time changing motherboard since I’ve been 100% Linux.

I remember back using Windows 7 that changing chipset required a fresh OS install otherwise there could be some performance issues.

I’m running Ubuntu 19.10

I’m going from an Asus Crosshair VI X370 to a Aorus X570i


One of the benefits of Linux. Only thing to look out for is if you are moving from Legacy BIOS to UEFI


Just upgraded from old AMD Fx on 970 motherboard to Ryzen 3700x on X570. No issues. On Ubuntu 19.10.

Motherboards / CPUs / NICs are easy. Graphics card not so much if changing to another brand.

As said above should work fine. Things to do in preparation though,

Go into fstab and comment out automount of any drives that are not the boot drive, in case the controller can’t see them. If you don’t know what this means or you don’t have any secondary drives, ignore.

Create a full backup of any critical data. Ideally image the whole drive.

If you have any VMs, especially pcie passthrough, disable them before migrating.

Otherwise, good luck

Shouldn´t be needed for linux.

However i suppose you want to upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 regardles.
Because 19.10 will soon be unsupported.