Changing GPU drivers AMD to Nvidia


I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 and have an easy question, switching from R9 290x to GTX 1080 and before I start replacing cards should I do something special, or just deleting amd drivers and putting in nvidia card be enough? Or maybe its worst case scenario and I need to reinstall OS? This question should be easy for people who test gpus I think.

On Linux, you won’t have the same problems with switching GPUs as you will on Linux. The kernel automatically determines which module to load (in 99% of cases, yours included) and simply doesn’t bother to load the others.

I’m not really clear on why windows runs into problems, but it just isn’t a problem on Linux. So, you can just drop the gpu in, and at worst, you might need to install the proprietary drivers and fuss with the display config.


Thank you for a fast reply.

Any time!

I wanted to pre-install nvidia driver before I swapped my old AMD card with my 1050 Ti to make it easier. So I did so, apart from the part where I actually install the driver :joy:. Installed the libs and nvidia tools but not the actual driver, Funny part is that everything still worked 1080p software through the GPU. I didn’t even notice that there was no nvidia driver till I tried to open up nvidia panel thing. :woman_facepalming: Oh and I didn’t delete the AMDGPU drivers.

Anyways the point is, you can literally just swap them and it should be fine. Well, anecdotally speaking. :wink:

Speaking from an architectural standpoint as well. Linux is designed that way :stuck_out_tongue: