Changing controller running mdadm raid

I’m currently running a 5 disk software raid 6 array off of my motherboard controller. I’m planning on a controller card because I want to get 8 total drives in there. If I go to hardware raid i’m pretty sure I’ll have to create a new array, but if I go HBA, will I be able to keep it in tact and let it rebuild itself?

if it matters, centos 8, ext4 fs.

As long has the card provides the kernel direct access to the disks, like a HBA, you should be fine. Just make sure you have backups of the data!

Tip: install the HBA with the new drives, create a RAID on them, backup the old RAID to the new one, then move the old disks over to the HBA.


Shouldn’t be any rebuild involved. It should just come up like always.

Of course, no guarantees. If you don’t already have a backup in place, get one before you make this change.


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