Changing cases, any worries?

Hey, the reason I ask, every time I start a build I get shaky with anticipation. I am just afraid I will damage my hardware. Is it not recommended to switch cases? I want to get a Fractal r4 because how quiet it is and it just looks nice. My case I have at the moment is Phantom 410, which came damaged with my first build and trying to have them replace it but they are ignoring my emails and when I call they say they already emailed me. So forget that company. I am still a noob in some way when it comes to building pc's.

Changing cases is not a problem at all. You just have to go in calm and take it apart slowly piece by piece. It helps to have a few small containers around to separate out the screws, standoffs and other small items.

While you are there hit is a good time to dust and clean out parts with compressed air and if you take the heatsink off the CPU replace the thermal paste even if it is not old, once you take a heatsink off clean it and replace the paste. If it is not too cumbersome you can usually transfer the motherboard, CPU and heatsink in one move with out seperation. Just things to keep in mind.

Thank you for the reply, That make me little bit more secure. As I said, I get excited and want my pc running as soon as possible.


if you only have to change the case, then there is basicly no need to redu thermal paste application basicly.

its not that hard to chance the case, just take your time. the define R4 has some nice calbe routing option,s so its should not be a big deal.

the Define R4 is a fairly easy case to build into, so it should be a breeze. I've gotten to the point where I can disassemble my computer, redo the thermal paste, reinstall my CPU cooler, it's fans, the case fans, the HDD cage and the motherboard and graphics card and wireless card in a matter of about a half hour. twenty minutes if I really mean to make it quick. And all of that is with my computer having utterly shit cable routing.

You hardly have to disconnect a thing. You disconnect and remove the GPU, HDD's, SSD's and any optical drives you may have.

What you keep attached to the motherboard are the CPU + cooler and your memory.

Just make sure you remove all 9 screws which keep the motherboard secure (going with an ATX motherboard here). The only though one might be the one between your cooler and the IO part. A small magnetic screwdriver, some patience and determination does wonders.

Oh yeah one last thing make a note on how the power switch, reset, hdd leds and all are connected on the motherboard that will save you some aggravation. (the bunch of flimsy wires on the motherboard in the bottom right corner.)

Had an almost identical experience. Had a shitty CiT Vantage case and bought the Define R4, I just had a little bowl for all my screws, put my mobo back on the box it came in, and just put my GPU on my shelf. Im sure you will have no problems.

Thank you guys for the reply, I really want that case, and I shall be picking one when I see a good deal.


Yeah usually there is no need to but while you are there you may as well if it is old. And maybe it is just me but if I took a heatsink off I would always redo the paste anyway.