Changed everything - PC keeps freezing

Little update:

Got a Corsair Vengeance 8Gb stick and its been runnning more than 24 hours straight no issues

I wish no one runs into the sane problem I did...

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thanks for letting this know.
I have never heard about compatibility issues with kingston hyperX kits and that particular mobo.

good to know.

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I'm really excited. For the 1st time in 4 months I feel there might be hope! lol I've been having the exact same issues with my PC build as you've described here. Freezing and restarting. White dots at the top of the screen. I have the same board as you and have the HyperX FURY 8GB stick. I can't believe they told you they're not compatible. Every site I've checked said they are. I'm really hoping if I buy another stick of RAM this will solve my problem. I've replaced my PSU and had Kingston replace the RAM thinking that could be it but nothing worked.

It's been awhile since you posted that your rig is working. Is it still working problem free now?



I just sent a PM with the details. It solved the issue swapping for a Corsair ram stick

Installed Corsair Vengeance RAM 8GB and now my PC is running smoothly.. no issues, knock on wood! Thanks again!

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