Change the text color of vim under tmux

after watching the latest tek linux video where Wendell mentioned using vim as an IDE, I gave it a try and found that I liked it a lot. however there is one major problem that I can't seem to shake. the color of the comments. I have searched all through the internet for a way to change this horrible blue bastard and I have found nothing... if anyone can help me that would be amazing.

Do you get the syntax highlighting for comments colored the way you want when you just run vim from another terminal, and tmux messes it up? or do you just need to know how to change the syntax highlighting for comments in vim overall?

tmux is messing it up, in another terminal window the coloring is fine.

Odd.. if you open vim inside tmux, and enter the 'highlight comment' commands to set a color, does that work properly?

under a normal terminal its showing as guifg=#80a0ff, under tmux its showing as guifg=Blue

I assume that's saved in your ~/.vimrc?

try running vim -u ~/.vimrc inside tmux to force it to use those commands.

same colors...

Weird, I'll play with it myself tomorrow morning.
Just watched the show and went 'oohh, tmux is cool!' so I'll probably run into the same problem when I wake up.

put this in your ~/.vimrc

if &term == "screen"
set t_Co=256

and this in your ~/.tmux.conf
set -g default-terminal "screen-256color"

sorry for the delay, thanks for this. It woked!!!