Change in the Negativo17 Nvidia Repositories

Hey guys, update with the Negativo17 Nvidia drivers on Fedora:

If you do any sort of audio/video processing with NVEC and you use the Negativo17 repos, the process has changed with the 4XX drivers.

On top of the nvidia-dkms nvidia-settings nvidia-xconfig drivers, you’ll also need nvidia-driver-cuda-libs nvidia-driver-NVML nvidia-persistenced

OBS is what threw the errors for me, but if you get something that says input/output stream not recognized, NVEC not recognized, or “update your Nvidia drivers”, then likely you’ll just need those packages. A reboot is necessary.

As far as I know, this is just isolated to the Fedora operating system running the Nvida 410 or 415.XX drivers.

End PSA.