Ah yes. I had a question: My current chair rounds my shoulders forward when I lay back into it. I’ve tried fitting a pillow as a back support but it doesn’t work so well.

Question being: what do I do?
Should I be sitting up away from laying back all the time? Or do I get one of those shitty back supports?

Herman Miller says you should buy one of their chairs :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I don’t really use the chair back to hold me up that much, usually sitting upright, using the chair back as a reminder.

I also have a chair that doesn’t round my shoulders though.



Try a stool with no backrest of any sort. It forces you to sit straight and not slouch. This way you have to be mindful of how you sit. Having a mirror for posture check is helpful.

Bonus points if you can put the mirror behind the monitor so that you can see if people are sneaking up on you. Also, you can now tell management that you have better security posture.

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