Chai for the daring

Good Earth brand "Wild Chaild" chai tea. The wife wanted chai and I picked this up because of the humor in the name. Turns out it's pretty darn good. Being a bag tea it needs to steep a bit longer if you really want it flavorful but overall, not too shabby for the price. I believe it was around $3 at WalMart.


Hmmm....that sounds good. I love chai tea. Especially with milk. I'll make sure to keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the tip  :)

Where I live all the Chai tea is either garbage or really expensive, so I just went to the next India-shop and bought the spices individually, ground them up and added black tea. Love it. Cost me about 5€ (~7$) for roughly 250g of loose tea. I recommend to try it out, just google the spices needed. Its worth trying out considering how low price it is, and how intense the flavour is compared to regular Chai. Darn that sounded so freaking hipster. fml.

Is it as good as double spice chai from Stash? 'Cause that's my chai of choice.

is this all code for drugs or something? :P

... and yes, you do all sound like hipsters :D

No its not code for drugs (->

Haven't tried stash tea, but as I said I recommend trying to make your own one. Its so cheap its not really a risk.