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CES 2019 - Consumer Electronics Show



Yeah they could always use the tagline “It’s like a pain in the butt.”


Well Razer mentioned something about massaging your wrists or hands in that diagram.


I think my definition of “massage” is outside the realm of current realm of possibility for current tech. Lol


You think he ever comes up for air or just breathes sea water?

It’s like Jensen’s best impression of Trump.


jesus, next thing you know he’ll build a 2050 and try to get AMD to pay for it.


Oh no, I wasn’t trying to be political, just observational. He really seems to be upset that anyone is excited about things that aren’t Nvidia. It’s bizarre.

To add to that the interview by Fortune in which the Intel exec Bob Swan is called out of the blue both of them are egregiously polite and cordial. This is commendable behavior, and Jensen is just… bad at it.


Currious about the new up comming motherboards.


Asrock made a small am4 board.


Simulators is the first thing that comes to my mind.

Would be nice to have some realistic haptic feedback while racing/flying. I wouldn’t buy razer though, there are better solutions for getting that feedback. Is an interesting concept though.


It’s pretty fanatical isn’t it. I wasn’t trying to be political either but I can see the zeal with which he operates. And frankly if you are asking me to spend the type of money he wants, for features that aren’t viable, being a dick certainly is not helping.


Yeah Asus a new X599 board looks interesting.


Still no OLED monitors…


Even worse, GAYMEN monitors.


I can debate here.
As a “enthusiast” and someone who actually does work on my PC all day every day… I purchase what runs everything I want for a good price.
The Vega56 @ $400 is the most expensive card I have ever purchased.
I had a Fury, r9 285, 7870Ghz, 6850, 4850, 2600, x1650 pro.

The price really matters.
Most people only buy cards that cost $250 or less.
$400 is already “high end” and it was High end when the 290x was out at $400-450.

The Vega offers some interesting performance that isn’t offered by Nvidia. When it comes to rendering, transcoding and other GPGPU tasks.
So I think in the case of Radeon 7, it will appeal more to threadripper customers. Which tbh is really the person who buys this type of card in the first place.


I agree here too.
The people I see buying 1080Ti’s are just people who want to waste money so that they can say they have it.
They are also the people who waste a ton of money on whatever else is new and then they don’t really use it anyway.

I constantly talk to people who think they need 500fps in csgo and buy a 1080ti and play in 720p, or people who think that you “can’t even play below 144fps” even in games that don’t matter.
And other people who want to buy insanely overkill stuff just so that “it will last a while”.


(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I believe this is that. Just from Asus rather than gigabyte? they actually want to bring out that 28 course nonsense or some form of it. Socket P as far as I have heard which is very little.

The straws can’t survive this much clutching.


I have seen this a few times now. nVidia does not either effectively. They have the hard ware to do it sure but what is it used in? Where’s the software? RTX is dead before it started.

And AMD do have ray tracing. Just not in the same game friendly way but seems not to matter as games are not implementing it regardless of vendor.

Edit: since 2016…


Its also going to be a while before its viable no matter what.
AMD has basically stated that they aren’t too interested until its something viable for the masses.


Which is why they are now using it too.

I cannot stress the levels of Fuck nVidia right now.