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CES 2019 - Consumer Electronics Show



It’ll be interesting if AMD pulls the same stunt as NVidia when it comes to actually taking the thing apart.


I don´t see why they would.
Card is expensive enough as is, no need to waste 28 screws on one.


I doubt Raytracing for AMD will be much good but if it’s an open standard I rather support the open standard. Besides, when G-Sync “failed” NVidia eventually supported Freesync on their GPUs now.

Besides, NVidia’s implementation of Raytracing currently isn’t good neither.

Disclaimer: NVidia’s Raytracing is fairly new and hasn’t nearly matured yet, that is something that takes time. Maybe in 2 years or so will start working great.


Most new technology doesn’t take off the day it’s released. They’ve been discussing it for years, apparently. I’m not upset that development hasn’t been optimized for it. Chicken and the egg.

If something doesn’t work on Linux do you blame Linux or the development around Linux? Sometimes you just suck it up and take a chance and hope it comes out in your favor.


True, I should have made that disclaimer in my comment, my mistake.


I ain’t worried about it :handshake:

I agree with your assessment on more than just Raytracing, too. In 2 years GPU and CPU competition should be pretty good for enthusiasts, gamers, and engineers.


CPU is looking good, GPU not so much. AMD still shows no signs of competing at enthusiast levels.


I think there’s a disconnect between enthusiast and prosumer here.

I think V56 or RX580 are perfectly fine for “enthusiasts”

Maybe I am misunderstanding peoples interests though. IDK.

I’m actually a bit optimistic about GPU. I think the Radeon 7 will be just fine.


Enthusiasts go for the “x70” models, one below the max. That’s where the Vega7/2080 sit right now, so it does have the performance, but Vega56 had it last generation too and it lost for the same reason-- too hot. In this generation Vega7 also doesn’t offer raytracing or DLSS, which aren’t worth much now, but you’re comparing two cards at the same price and same performance here, so you look at the smaller differentiating factors.

Now if the Vega7 comes out and overclocks like a madman, and ends up performing even 10% better than a 2080, that would change the calculus. But I mean… it won’t.


CPUs is looking fine but not GPUs, a lot can happen in 2 years. 2 Years ago we thought AMD would be done for since Excavator was no match for Kaby-Lake or even Sandy Bridge really.




Aside from the AMD vs Nvidia dilemma, let’s talk about Razer.



Lol gaming chair with vibrations…
Not sure what to think about that…


A certain video game genre will have fun with that chair. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would also be cool for movies. Like with Jurassic park.


Yeah coold be fun i guess.




Skip the vibration and go straight to massage. I need to actually relax after a hard day at work.


Something something hentai games.


Yes please, but let’s get the massage part down before going down that route.


Yeah well now days you have massage seats in a car,
which i could see the use for…

But for a gaming chair… idk.
Maybe making game play a bit more intense with VR.