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CES 2019 - Consumer Electronics Show



Okay, Hot Swap Heatsinks.

That’ll work out well.


I can’t wait to Ruth Bader Ginsburg my next box.


You mean like quick disconnect water blocks… Sorry I am splitting hairs now.


What, keep a Q6600 on life support after ripping 6 blades off random fans?

yeah, that might be a bit savage


Well, that’s cool and all, but do they quick disconnect from the actual thing they’re cooling, or is it from the loop?


This went through super fast and yeah, looking forward


Running Windows ME too!, YEAHHHHH BOIIIIIII


Could be just driver support for new models, or driver support for both old and new, or could even be Ryzen Master kind of support :man_shrugging:t2:


You got me.


Maybe Linux support? aguycandream



Some of the top PCIe slots on the mid to high end boards for sure meet the PCIe 4.0 standard, so possible for 300 and 400 series to get it.


With the last demo (170W vs 140W), I guess they wanted to say “no worries”


Well, that’s true, but that’s just an 8 core. a 12 core engineering sample sku showed up on twitter, which means there could be up to 16 cores on AM4.

Notice that they didn’t mention anything about the 8 core sku being a flagship.

Also, those were ES clocks, not final.


If one chip in the chiplet that they ran had 8 cores, and it looks like they could fit a second chip, then 16 cores is a possibility?


12 cores is confirmed.

Zen 2 die contains 2 Zeppelin CCX (2*4 cores)

12 cores requires two Zen 2 dies.

16 cores is possible but not confirmed yet.


For those who don’t visit the Lounge i’ve actually built a system that’s at CES with one of Alphacools new products in it, the Eisbaur. It’s a Radiator/res/pump combo. It can be found at their suite :smiley:


Oh yes, that GPU that is poorly priced, much like the RTX 2080. It has 16 GB of HBM memory but still…

WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!? They advertised it for gamers when it should have been advertised as a prosumer card.



The Radeon 7 or whatever the fuck they wind up calling it is a powerful card. I would have preferred 8GB of HBM2 and a $500 price tag though.

I think you’re dead-on with the prosumer target. It feels like it’s targeted at people who want to do OpenCL stuff. (did you see those OCL claims? they’re impressive in comparison to the stuff!)


WTF is this?

The Intel 28 core 5GHz board for scale