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CES 2019 - Consumer Electronics Show



They promised motherboards would be forwards-compatible, but you won’t get PCIe 4.0 support on them.


Yeah sorry I am with the others. This looks nice. Simple and clean, not like a transformer or some RGB puke fest. The RTX cards were a step in the right direction but this is just nicer.

But either way it is only a reference cooler so there will be like 12 in the open market and then you can have what ever monstrosity you like form which ever AIB puts the most angles, blades, lights and other useless stuff on their card.


This is exactly what I was asking. Thanks!

I knew you’d be able to drop a 3700 or whatever they call it, into a X370 and be fine (assuming VRM supports the CPU), but wasn’t sure if there were electrical differences between PCIe 3 and 4.


Cosmetically, I thought the Vega FE looked rad as hell.


That really was a good looking card all right. Shame it was the exclusive of the exclusive if the exclusive of that launch. Like black reference cooler, silver and then this if you were lucky and rich.


So, I’m excited that we might be able to get 2080 performance for a fair bit less.

I imagine this $700 price tag will drop a bit in the months after launch.


It beats a blower design, but idk, looks like a 5 year old went onto autocad made a rectangle and put 3 holes in it. Doesn’t have to be super flashy just asking for a bit more pizzazz.


How about I give you some RGB?


Maybe it will, maybe it won’t.

Only thing I do know is you can buy a RTX2080 right now and get raytracing support in addition to the same rasterizing performance.


Not gonna lie that’s hilarious. Got no idea what deets are though.


And dIfFeReNt SiZeD fAnS!


Nah, I want hot-swappable fans on my GPU.


Me too, I have had it with this standard stuff. I want 3 blowers.


XFX has you covered


Yeah I get what you mean, it is simple but i like that. I occasionally look at my case and more look at the massive and simple D14 than the Sapphire Tri-X under it. Just different tastes.


Looking at the 700 dollar price point there are only 4 2080 models below that, rest are all above in the following spread:

700 to 800 - 8
800 to 900 - 9
901+ - 1


Now the eternal question with GPU launches.

Will there actually be one of these V2 (yes I know) cards for that price or will they also be inflated.


That’s the MSRP, some AIBs will price above it. Same with the Vega7.


Damn, I kinda want this.

Crypto is dead, so yes, MSRP will be MSRP.


On big Al’s point, that been around since the RX 480. My brother has that.