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CES 2019 - Consumer Electronics Show



4K ultra settings game running at 100+ fps max.



Just wait until sapphire slaps their cooling solution on it~


Is that a good or bad thing?


It’s fantastic good.


That’s just numbers without reference. My 4770k can do that. We will only know how good it is when we have side by side comparisons with frame timings and such. I’ll be very interested in memory latency issues considering the design is very different with the io chip and yet it is still just a drop in replacement.


If its at 2080 performance then it actually is a fair bit better than a 1080. There is a fair bit of difference between 1080 and 2080 in rasterization depending which particular flavor of 1080 you have.


A 15% performance increase is not worth my local price of $2000 when I played 1300 for a 1080. From my position it’s a bad deal


So Vega 2 cards are going to be 2000? That was in the keynote?


No. It will be 700, according to AMD Waifu Lisa Su.


Speaking of, is there art out there with her as a cute anime character or has her husband hunted anyone down who has made the attempt?


I think they made it to big. Look at it, I don’t have a helipad! What were they thinking?


Elon Musk will provide a helipad for you.


Can AMD hire some fucking designers… That should be a pre production model.


That is honestly the thing I like most about the card. It looks like a solid cooler and serviceable. Have you seen the GN RTX teardowns? xD


I like the lit up letters. It makes me think of neon lights.


Vega64 released August 2017 and was the same performance as the GTX1080.

This Vega refresh competes on performance with the 1080ti, which came out March 2017 also priced at $699. But it is much faster than the GTX1080.

Price is identical to the RTX2080, and performance is supposedly very close too (RTX2080 == GTX1080ti), so it’s competitive on paper. Remains to be seen if it runs much hotter per usual for AMD. And of course it doesn’t have ray-tracing support.

AMD declined to compete on price this generation. My guess is the HBM is just too expensive to afford it. They lucked out that Nvidia’s greed left them so much headroom there.


Ryzen 3, support for PCIe 4


using the google to try to find you some deets and I came across this absolute gem



I’ll go ahead and disagree strongly.

Is this going to require an 5 series motherboard (or whatever they call their boards) or is it going to work with existing 3 or 4 series? (I’m guessing yes)


Su said it would support x3xx and x4xx