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CES 2019 - Consumer Electronics Show



Lol just saw that.

Jesus, 700 for that gpu? Fuck me, that’s expensive.

She’s not getting much applause lol


$500 of that is to pay for the hbm2


R-VII needs to be 599$ :triumph:


Yeah, 16GB of RAM and, according to them, it beats out the 2080 on benchmarks.

AMD loves gaming and gamers :tm:


I think it will trade blows.

If that’s true, it might be worth it.

Zen news HYPE!


Ayyy. They talking Epyc!


Damn epyc looks good.


My gtx 1080 is coming up to 3 years old. And only now amd has come out with something that can compete with performance. But it’s barely any better and at a price point that makes it completely irrelevant anyway. You could pick up two 1080 ti’s second hand for that price.


3rd gen Ryzen!


._. When you word it that way…



Suck it haters!


My 1800x needs to be replaced. Hoped I would be heading into work to spend money on a new chip, not wait until june


But will VII just work?


Well, I knew the ces launch was ambitious.

That said, the chiplet design is spot on, so there’s that.

@RevampedTech What do you mean?


So was 5ghz boost clock confirmed on the high-end of zen2?


I thought she said final clock numbers weren’t established.


No clocks were confirmed.

We do know that 8/16 is neck and neck (with es clock rates) with the i9 flagship, whatever they call it.

So make your own assumptions.


Will Vega 2 just work? I mean RTX just worked, we were told as such, only way I know if a new video card just works is if I am told it will just work.


Ah, shitposters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course it will just work.


It won’t just work, it’ll be fantastic.