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CES 2019 - Consumer Electronics Show



Well if we are getting those 12 and 16 core Ryzen 2 cpu´s,
then i´m all for that.
But still its kinda doubt full to me.


As a laymen I would love to learn more about how the new AMD AM4 chipset will handle IO being the first PCIe 4.0 motherboard as well.

Gamer Nexus covered it a little. I was left with more questions than answers.


Oh it will not be enough of a loss to make up the difference, not that it will stop it selling, but at least in CPU world people are less loyal and are eating up AMDs CPU and rightly so.

EDIT: and if AMD are pushing 12 and potentially 16 core AM4, once the realm of threadripper, threadripper will likely be shooting for 32 and up from now on. Fun times. Effectively full on server for the home.


I am saving for a threadripper build because of both cores and pcie lanes.
It will probably take me two years though, no idea how the market looks then.


Threadripper still has all the PCIe lane (how 4.0 works is ?) and double the memory slots.

Again Im guessing as AMD are holding it close to the vest.


It not like Threaderipper on PCIe 4.0 would not ruin everyones day like EPYC on PCIe 4.0 will too.

We just dont have the facts. YET


I am looking at a Threadripper processor to for my next build. I haven’t started purchasing parts yet because I am waiting to see if the rumors are true about a Ryzen 16 core 32 thread processor .


TR will always be the bigger badder CPU. So zen 3000 having 16cores will not eat TR 3000 as it will simply start at 24/32 cre and go up to 64 instead with more memory and PCI options.

Keep in mind that Zen 1 was effectively a test to.see if it would even work. Zen 2 improved it and now Zen 3 is in full swing.

Sure 16core Zen 3 on AM4 eats TR 1000s lunch but that is comparing a 2 generation difference. TR 3000 will be a monster compared to AM4 3000. It will eat its existing market but look at it not that they are fighting themselves but more that everything shifts a tier. Consumer can now have anything from a quad core all the way to 16cores potentially on a home user platform. And TR will fill a much higher use role now, like it always has just now they upper limit is way up there.

Yes I know it is Ryzen and not Zen but just for quickness and you all understand.


The upper end PC parts from Asus and Phanteks look crazy! I saw videos from Gamers Nexus Steve and Bitwit Kyle. They already prefaced with how the crazy overkill parts are for show and most likely won’t go into production, but I was still impressed with the capability manufacturers have.


Bell Helicopters Nexus flying taxi. It’s not a drone because it requires a pilot cab driver.


Remote for a toilet…You got to be shitting me!


I want threadripper for the I/O more than anything else.
I do alot of work over my network, and run a bunch of VM’s and I’m just out of PCI-E lanes, Sata ports and network bandwidth.
I actually use a TP-Link Realtek 1x card to get full network speeds.


I forgot Threadripper is always going to have more PCI-E lanes, I guess since I am running workloads similar to Jimster480, I should just forget about a 16 core Ryzen 3000 and concentrate on a Threadripper 3.0.


They did a great job differentiating the platforms with the PCI-E lanes.
Since they offer so much I/O on Threadripper its really the platform for workstations.

Ryzen has the CPU power of any 2017 or prior workstation and Threadripper sets a new standard for what is offered on a workstation. Specifically in terms of I/O and that is what makes it appealing.

8 Cores is really alot to saturate, and I often run 50+ applications on my 32G of ram along with a couple VM’s and don’t run out of CPU cycles.
I do run out of bandwidth though on basically every front.


I´m still kinda doubting that we are going to see more then 8 cores on am4 yet.
Yeah they did tease a picture of a cpu with two chiplets on it.
But according to the leaks, there are G series chips rumored with a Navi apu.
So that might have been that second chiplet.

Would of course be awesome if we get more cores.
But yeah i guess we have to wait and see.


Nope, no APU chiplet design.


So, after rewatching parts of the AMD presentation I am actually very optimistic towards Ryzen 3000. The only thing that could possibly still kill it for me might be some problems with the memory architecture like on the TR WX chips. But I think chances of something like that are pretty low.

I don’t think I would jump to X570 though. So let’s hope for full memory and boost performance on X470 through UEFI updates.


I would be somewhat confident in that.

When I bought impulsively a 1800x and a B350 mobo and you can go full aspi on the ram settings and timing and what not.


Having that interior frame looks great, and I foresee having a bit hybrid cases like this where you can hide all of the rats nests

That interior looks a bit like this case here


Concerning the Radeon VII (7), memory configuration and Buildzoid ramblings.