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CES 2019 - Consumer Electronics Show



“We never competed,” Huang said of upcoming FreeSync support. “(FreeSync) was never proven to work. As you know, we invented the area of adaptive sync. The truth is most of the FreeSync monitors do not work. They do not even work with AMD’s graphics cards.”

So NVIDIA now supports a technology that doesnt work and has never worked but NVIDIA can do it because when NVIDIA does it it

just works

Gotta love Jensen.


Yeah love is definitely the word I would use… That smug prick in the leather jacket.


Something else big happening at CES

Anyone up for a drive thru @ home?

Japan’s answer to Razer’s “gaming” chair enchantments

Fug, guess I was right about this prediction


The 28 core 5GHz board, may be. the Asus ROG Extreme Dominus is the CES2019 one.


It sounds pretty similar from the extremely brief sepc I heard.

Non standard board size, socket P, 40? Phase vrms. Layout is pretty similar. Apparently it will be for sale and phanteks have a water cooling kit for the power. Seems incredibly reaching, I don’t expect one the ever actually be used, built sure and displayed but actual work done on it? Nah.

@Destroyed007 that is gonn be one shitty remote.


Same thought


Especially considering 28 core and 5ghz is all it has going for it. Everything else to to with it is totally impractical.

AMD have 32 core at what ever speed but it works in realistic motherboards with reasonable power supplies and coolers. Not 3000watts and industrial piped sub ambiant cooling that won’t fit in any case but one and needs separate water cooling just for the power.


Hay but Asus’s monstrosity only needs 2 PSU’s not 3 !

I guest intel can bend over OEMS to make a board with no release date or pricing. Will intel make the xeon chip an actual part to buy even this year ?

I put my left ball on the chopping block when AMD is launching Ryzen 3000. Intel will announce some rubbish like this 28 core CPU (Again). For PR to distract from AMD.


It will launch sometime in Q1.


For only $9000


The latest reports saying 8K might have been what Intel wanted to charge for it, but I’m guessing 4-5K is gonna be the shelf price.



Yup, his toxicity is dribbling down from top to bottom throughout his company and can be spotted easily because of it’s slimy green color and the burned ground it’s leaving behind wherever it comes into contact with the outside world.

He can stick his gimp-sync up where there’s no rays to be traced.

Fuck that guy!

That might be the case, yeah. I thought something similar when Lisa was talking about the increase in performance “at the same power”.


$4500 is what AMD charges for the Epyc 7601, and that is a full featured server CPU.
Intel´s 8170 is $8600 allready. I don´t see anything below 8k for that… thing.


I lol’ed… at work…


I also figure it should be a VERY expensive part, but also think Intel will sell it at a loss just to try and get one over on AMD.


What kind of loss? Like a $5000 loss? Because its not faster than a 24c 2970WX…


And Threadripper @7nm will be out this year. Intel can’t do anything with 14nm+++ to compete other than lie till they have 7nm or 10nm working.


Martin are you sure Treadripper @7nm will be released this year? I didn’t hear Dr. Sue mention anything about Threadripper, Of course I only watched the first 10 min and the last 10 min of AMD’s presentation yesterday.


No but it make sense that is Ryzen comes out Mid year. Threadripper will be after that. This is only my opinion.
If Ryzen does indeed come with 16c options. It make sense to not put out Threadripper news at the same time.


Yes and a 16c Ryzen will eat alot of threadripper market very quickly.
Especially with lower thermal envelope.

I’m looking for Threadripper for my next generation chip.