CES 2016 what we would love to see

A couple of days ago i got a news letter from the guys at Input Club
Creators of OpenSource keyboards like the ErgoDox and the WhiteFox
Stating that they would be attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 and showing off their next project / build the K-Type Keyboard.

As i'm not going to the CES because i live in the EU.
i would love for you guys to show us the input club booth ..

And i can imagine other people having similar / different requests / wishes / ideas..
I would love to see new upcoming projects / products regarding OpenSource or small computers like the Pine 64.

Perhaps sum OpenSource home automation? I even heard of a project involving DD-WRT firmware inside a light bulb ;-)
Considering that Philips is pushing firmware updates that locks out competitors bulbs from working with their Hue Bridge.. So i won't be getting their closed of products any time soon..

I love to know where the market is going to go in 2016 ?
Not only regarding new tech but perhaps even new OpenSource learning / job opportunities (if any)

Take care all.