Certain tasks make my computer crash in a weird way

So far it has only happened when I run BalanaEtcher/Raspberry Pi imager, running the check for hardware changes function, and updating drivers through MSI Dragon Center. Whats happening is the USB ports stop working (including internal headers) and then video cuts out. it happened while i was playing music once and it made the same sound as this loud blue screen noise. My motherboard has troubleshooting leds and they flash the CPU failure light which doesnt make much sense since it works just fine running heavy games. I believe the solution to my networking issues is using a PCIe network card and Windows cant scan for hardware changes without doing this. I have never seen a computer do this before and I dont even know where to start


Windows 10 Pro 1909
Ryzen 2700x
Zotac 2060
32gig ddr4 g.skill
creative sound rx
1tb crucial m.2 and 6tb seagate hardrive running with Fuzedrive
startech usb card
550w thermaltake toughpower

I had an oddly-similar issues while overclocking my Intel chip. CPU-heavy workloads were fine, and memtest passed, but I would get crashes on anything I/O-heavy. Opening a partition manager would crash the system, since it would read from all my drives. Syncing a lot of files to my phone, etc. I achieved stability by increasing the system agent and IO voltages—i.e. all CPU voltages besides Vcore itself and memory stuff.

I’m not familiar with Ryzen, but I would try running at a lower/fixed frequency, and bumping those extra on-die voltages a little. I can’t tell you what the voltages will be called in BIOS, but you can look up an overclocking guide for your motherboard (or a similar board, same mfg and generation). That should have a section that walks you through all the voltages and what they do.

BTW, is this a new system, or did you just discover this after a while of use?

This is an old system. Im not overclocking but I’ll try lowing it and see what happens

Assuming you updated bios drivers etc? Was this a recent thing that happened (maybe roll back latest update)

I’m guessing the board is MSI but which one? Also the exact model of RAM would be good to know.

Did you pull the CPU and check for bent pins?

What processor?

I’m guessing its a mobo issue or windows is just shit, as usual.

How many USB devices are you running?

You could try to bump the Soc voltage to 1.1V or 1.2V.

MSI x570 gaming edge wifi. the ram is the tridentz neo

Corsair fan hub, wireless receivers for keyboard and mouse and I have the startech usb card plugged into a 3.5 drive bay hub with nothing plugged in at the moment

It still crashes

Does it do it when this card is removed from the system?

Those of us who remember ISA slots remember that it was always the soundcard what dunnit.

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