Certain linux's still unbootable on some machines, when will this end?

Just me complaining here, don’t mind me. If you want to complain too go ahead!

What the hell is wrong with people? How the hell do we have machines like my mac pro that have been around for forever that still can’t boot stuff like void linux? Its driving me nuts that the one machine I actually want void to run on will do everything in its power to not see it and refuse to boot for some reason.

On other machines, my GS63VR for example, linux will start to boot, but then kernel panic. I don’t get it!


Apple Lord Jobs compels it.


I couldn’t get debian installer to work on my sorta new HP prebuilt desktop

so yeah, that was sad… will try again tho, that motherfucker will work eventually I’m telling you


Have you tried different achtype? like i686, xD

I suspect that mac pros are not common amongst the linux crowd - so they don’t get the special development required.

If you want to run Linux, sell it off to some apple fanboy for the price you could get a brand new 3600x system for (assuming its a 2010 ish) and be happy :smiley:

I could at most get 600 for it.

Oh boy, a cpu and a mobo, maybe a case.

Honestly not a bad plan, however I love the machine too much lol. I find it super cool, vs a ryzen box…

If you’re okay with Nouveau/Nvidia Non-Free I’ll give you a GTX 970

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I hear you, and the idea of a mac pro has always been something in my head as some “nice to have”.

But the 2020 reality is you’re either paying for a house deposit (2020 version) or dealing with hardware that is outperformed by an iPad Pro in a lot of tasks (2010 ish era version) - and i’m not even joking.

or the trash can, but we don’t talk about the trash can…

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While I appreciate the offer I feel I shouldn’t accept. It seems weird. Maybe 2 years ago as a grub.

Currently I use my laptops more than my desktop, but my desktop still runs servers and stuff. I’m between my GS63VR for games, and my X230T for anything else. Do pretty well I think.

Unfortunately now the thought of selling my mac pro’s bothers me.

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Am I the only one that liked the trash can? Something about cooking eggs… Anyways

Yeah you’re probably right. Though now theres sort of a memory tied to the machine too, as well as a lot of cool experiments and whatnot…

Eh maybe you guys are right I’ll have to think about it.

All good man, let me know if you change your mind. If it’s a privacy concern we can have a mod exchange info or whatever and handle the PayPal/Venmo/Librepay/whatever.

I’m in a similar boat. ThinkPad SSH’d into the battlestation. It happens :wink:

I liked and even defended the trash can when it came out, because i really thought that Apple would offer upgrades for it. It had slots, after all? And heaps of thunderbolt. That’s the future right? Just run 10(20?) gig to your NAS/SAN somewhere else and have a nice quiet desktop.

They didn’t. And then they didn’t update it for 7 years.

Well I mean the other thing is I have a few things I do that involve having fun with 2 processors. Its honestly fun to make old stuff do incredible shit. Doubt either of you would guess I have streamed and recorded rust on my mac pro. Over 80 FPS solid too.

Tis a curse.

I never said it was a good idea I just think its cool. I want to get HSA to work on one. Imagine dual D700’s tied to a xeon running as a compute node.

Shit’s a beast.

Oh, 100% it’s “cool”.

Like i said, i hear ya. I’m one of those guys who wishes he had a Mac Pro, but whenever i go down that road, i look at the macOS support roadmap, the hardware included, the expansion difficulties (and what you’re still paying for the hardware in it, even 6-7 years on) and it just simply doesn’t make sense.

For me.

But yeah, damn they’re cool.

And thats where it echoes folks

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