Certain Computers In Our NOC can't Reach Youtube

Hey gang,

Fun question.

So 4 of our 15 computers can't get to Youtube.com. 3 of them 4 are physically connected on different switches. When we ping it, it works fine, tracert reveals nothing useful. Google works great - every other site we've tried works as expected. DNS is set to auto.

Any thoughts?

try setting the dns

clear the dns cache

if on windows do ipconfig /flushdns

Giggles ensue from the NOC.


I’ve been experiencing this issue for quite some time. I need YouTube to do my job but I cannot get to the website. I can ping youtube.com just fine, but when trying to access it through my browser I get an error saying the website took too long to respond. Pls help, I need cat videos."


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dns flush didn't work, cleared cookies, disabled them for YT, no luck either.. Looking into hardware...

had this a while ago with my linux laptop. this should be the windows equivalent.

resolved – resolv.conf windows equivalent

Will look into it...
We're thinking it's our firewall. We've got another one on order.