CentOS/FreeNAS Server Conversion Project

I have finally decided to jump ship with windows on both my servers. This is more of a blog, but might need some help on the way. Seeing I have a lot that I need to do. I'll just list what I am planning on doing.

CentOS (Main Server)

  • Domain Controller (would like to have a group policy thing going as well)
  • Imaging Server (Something along the line of WDS)
  • Print Server
  • File Server

Media Server

  • Basic file server with a Raid 0 type of setup.

It's going to take me a little while to get all of this setup. Seeing I am trying to dump windows as a whole over time. Though the only windows machine that will be active is my girlfriends laptop, She likes windows a little to much. I'm just trying to make it easier for me to learn about the linux server platform. I feel CentOS would be a good way to get a start. It'll also help along with different Linux Distros for my main desktop for gaming. Going to be a long while till I can find the right version of linux. Thankfully I have a lot of time to get that done seeing games are still scarce for the PC platform.

This sounds interesting to learn from. I wont be able to add much of anything I'm afraid as I have only really now taken steps to get myself up and running in any respect on the Linux side of life.