CentOS 6.10 and 8 on Intel NUC Devices

So I work for a POS company and we ship many server computers to restaurants using an Intel NUC device.

We normally configure these as headless but have come across some weirdness related to run level 5 due to not having any display attached.

I take it this is something you should not be doing IF there isn’t a display always attached onto the HDMI port ?

I guess I never really thought that rl5 could be so sensitive to not having a display attached.

So we have now been configuring them to run in level 3 and ONLY configure them to run in level 5 if they do always have a display attached.

Since I consider myself a novice with Linux I just wanted some feedback on why this causes issues.

Thanks in advance.

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Run level 5 is graphical I assume.
It may be trying to start the display manager/login screen at boot and freaking out that there’s no display and falling back to console.
If you log in with a display attached and disconnect the display afterwards, that should be fine.
XORG probably doesn’t like starting if there isn’t a display (would assume the same of Wayland). Maybe there’s some way of forcing it to start anyway?