Cell phone provider

I was wondering what cell phone provider you guys use or which one you think is the best. I want to switch from Verizon, but I want your opinion or anybody's opinion, really. Or if I should stay with Verizon. Thanks!

Your location is absolutely imperative to this question.

If you live in the middle of no where on Bob's road, stay with Verizon. Certain regions are better for specific carriers. Example; T-mobile - great in larger cities in the midwest, then back of the bus on ATT edge network when you go into smaller towns. Long story short, tell us the area you live in and plan to use the service and we can be of much more help.

Verizon is definitely the best where I live. I even get service inside walmart.

Open mobile because its cheap. Supposedly ATandT is better where I live.

I live in a fairly large city in the midwest.

Verizon will be the best provider for you. I have been experimenting with some of the other services. I've had my wife on Net10 for about a month now. She has told me it works just fine for her. In the areas she drives to and works it is just as good as verizon.  Net10 uses ATT and T-mobile towers, with a preference toward t-mobile when it is available. $45 for "unlimited" service when you set it to autopay.

Thank you very much, kind sir.

I grabbed her phone while she was driving around town tonight and managed to do a few side by side speed tests.

Verizon:  22 Mb/s down / 12Mb/s up

Net10:  9Mb/s down 1Mb/s up

Sadly enough the Net10 is actually faster than my home internet, it is only 6Mb/s.

I'd do something about that home internet, but thanks again for the advice.