"Cell Phone "Bill Shock" nearly eradicated, FCC Declares"

Topic: Cell Phone "Bill Shock" nearly eradicated, FCC Declares

Main Idea + 5

  • FCC had announced that many cell phone companies have met the initail requirements
  • Not all have complied with the new rules quite yet.
  • Under the new rules, all cell phone providers must alert their customers when they are
  • nearing their maximum useage.
  •  Providers had to meet two out of the four requirements before April 17, 2013
  •  Verizon was the only company to set up the voice and text useage alerts

Why it effects the Country Paragraph:

The FCC has inputed some really strong regulations. The new regulations will help
consumers save money now seeing they will now know that they are nearing their usages. If this
wasn't around, then we would not be able to keep better track of our usages. Many comsumers are
can now have more breathing room. This new set of regulations is good for the consumer market.

Opinion Paragraph:

From my prespective, I agreed to what is written above. I use my mobile device a lot while I
am out and about, also in school when I need to get tasks done on the internet, or read up on email.
One detail that was left out of this article is that Verizon is now sending alerts when I am nearing
the half way point of my data plan. I do keep track of my data usage, the alerts will help me in a
good way. Some companies don't alert their consumers when they are using just about all the data,
texting or minutes on their mobile device, which can lead to some finacial struggles and bad credit.

Source: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2012/10/cell-phone-bill-shock-nearly-eradicated-fcc-declares/

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