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Cell Dead Zone


I live in a small town with a nearby freeway. There are cell towers scattering the areas around town and all along the freeway. I have found, with both Sprint and Verizon, there is a radius where cell reception is bad enough to not be able to make a call. Cell data is non-existent in most areas. The town is roughly 6 sq miles. On the edges of town is where reception comes back. Is there any way a regular guy can figure out if there is interference (have googled), and where it is coming from?



I actually might be able to provide assistance however… We need to take measuresments of your signal. The easiest way to do this is with and its app… on android

Its tough to really say whats going on… Im one of a few people on the forum that can look at readings and give you ideas about whats happening

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Alright then. I’ve installed the app and won’t pretend to know what I need to do next.



Make an account with them… dont worry they respect your privacy heck… they even use open street maps… and just collect data for a few days to a week of you dealing with whats going on and going around your town etc… and well I guess DM me your locality and I can look at the data :slight_smile:

Its Sunday and I’ve got a 5 pm tee time so I’ll look at your DM when I get back :slight_smile:

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