cdrTraceType cdrTraceLineDrawing FAILS, producing single linear path instead of Centerline trace?

Hello esteemed Level1Techs members,
and thanks for such excellent programming, products and support.

  1. I hoped members might please advise how to use cdrTraceType: cdrTraceLineDrawing which FAILS, only producing a single linear path instead of Centerline trace?

When using cdrTraceLineArt the same macro below WORKS, producing vectorized OUTLINE paths from bitmap textures:
(please feel free to forward this to any who may instruct a remedy. Thanks for any help, Jeff:780 425 4914, ©780 446 0978)

Sub TraceTest()
Dim s As Shape, sr As ShapeRange
Dim t As TraceSettings
For Each s In ActivePage.FindShapes(, cdrBitmapShape)
Set t = s.Bitmap.trace(cdrTraceLineDrawing, 25, 100, cdrColorBlackAndWhite, cdrUniform, , True, True, True)
Next s
Set t = Nothing
Set s = Nothing
End Sub