CDProject New Game Release 2016

As many of you have heard CDP is going to release a new game this year.
It is not going to be cyberpunk as it is still in pre-production.
I know that cdproject has acquired some rights to some old games - what is your take what is it going to be? On investors meeting someone coined possibility of some witcher world game where you can create your custom character. In reality i don't think that is the case.

,so what is your take on this?

I'm really hoping for either new IP or IP that they havent worked on before (in the case of the old games as you mentioned). I was pretty surprised to hear that they had something in the works besides Cyberpunk. Do we know anything about a possible release time frame?

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I'm just happy CDPR is stepping up, whatever they release I'm sure will help fill a void that these greedy companies have been leaving behind lately and I am very excited.

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I agree with @Alamar; I find it interesting that they have something in the works other than Cyberpunk 2077.

Whatever it is I hope it comes without gameworks.
Also crossing fingers for DX12.

Possible return to?
1) 'They'

2) Gorky-17

but i also have heard in past that cdpr has acquired ip's of some old games they are selling on gog.

This could be pretty awesome. If they somehow finagled acquisition of Arcanum I'm going to cry tears of joy :D

I haven't heard that. Only that they are working on Cyberpunk 2077. Last year they said that both 2015 and 2016 would be Witcher years. They still have the Blood and Wine expansion to release for Witcher 3. So I do not think they are just going to pop up with a brand new game out of nowhere.

I am looking forward to the Witcher expansion and the future development of GOG Galaxy so it can give Steam some competition.

or vulkan with linux support

i don't think we're going to get dx12 or vulkan support with blood and wine, or linux support anytime soon.

By looking at the dev's they've hiring you could say that they plan on doing all gameworks effects by themselves.