CD-ROM in the day, for plagiarizing book reports - what was that called?

Does anyone remember what that was called? Where the OG’s at?


Got it :slight_smile:


Wait spark notes was a cdrom? Damn.

I guess that’s dating myself.

What exactly does this progeam do?

IT was not a CD-Rom but a website. It was not for plagiarizing but to get the skinny on the book without reading it if you were in a pinch, with all the important details and character relations…

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Yea, that’s right, I don’t think it had pre-written essays so not plagiarizing but certainly cheating as you weren’t reading the book.

And, it was definitely on CD-ROM before it was a website, I remember them clearly.

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@JohnMatt you are right about the CD. They went to online in '98-'99 by 2001, you could only find the new stuff on their site. plus they added critiques and discussions