CD drive and Hard Drive compatibility

I'm getting this motherboard

And I have a couple of old computers which I've pulled apart to reduce my cost on a new computer. I'm getting an SSD, but not a HDD, and I was hoping to use the two old ones I had. This is the back of the hard drive.

And this is the CD drive

The CD drive uses a thick ribbon to connect to the motherboard, and I had concerns because I couldn't find that slot on the motherboard I'm getting. Do I have to get a new CD drive? I only really need it for installing the OS.

And I'm just slightly unsure about the hard drive. Is that compatible? I don't want my parts to show up in a few days and have to order more. The postage is really expensive.

Thanks :)


Edit: Here is the ribbon, just to clear up any possible confusion (I dunno)

They sell converters for that. I'm not sure how well it works but it's about the same price as a new CD drive..

Save yourself the headache and buy a new one.

Thanks, but what about the hard drive? Is that compatible?

You need a controller card for the CD, its called an IDE controller card, altough I don't know if it will be just cheaper to get a new Optical drive as they are very cheap nowadays, the hard drive seems to be a standard sata drive, so it should work like any modern drive, the same way your SSD would connect.

also if you go the IDE controller card way you need a Molex to Sata Power convertor to connect to the power supply

Thanks. I suppose I'll have to wipe the hard drive aswell? 


If I put the OS on the SDD can I use the new computer to wipe the old HDD? The HDD has windows XP on it. 

about the  cd drive, just buy a new one, a dvd burner cost only 15 doller or so..


Thanks Mistery :)

you will be able to use hard drive with no problem
1st install windows on thee ssd(to make it easy do not connect hard drive to the motherboard while instlling windows) 

2nd connect hard drive to the motherbaord go to disk managment(right click computer in start menu->manage->disk mangment)  and delete all the partitions on that hdd create new simple volume format it as NTFS

and that is it


as for the optical drive as others stated I recommand to buy new one they are chaep make sure it is SATA and it can burn dvds

because off your mother board does not support IDE/pata/ata  

Thanks everyone. I'm getting a new optical drive. I'm much more confident now that the computer will work as intended >.<