CCleaner Safe now?

Would you say CCleaner is safe to download now? Or is it possible it is still a compromised download?

Update: I scanned it with virus total and am confident it is safe now.

They had already patched out the malware in the latest release from their website by time the story broke big time. It was also only present in the 32bit installer.
Given the heat on them from all of this, I would wager they have double checked everything! So yeah, it is as safe as it was before the hijacking.

They released 2 mandatory updates on the program since the shit hit the fan. The first being the day the news came out, the 2nd was released a week after that. I’ve not heard any reports of 64 bit users having any problems.

No, but linux is.

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You know… We have bitched about this in the past and will bitch about it again. Keep your Linux bullshit out of the windows section of the forum.

On-topic @Argone : I would assume so, but I’d give it maybe a good 2 months to be safe as you never know if anything else can be discovered.


Don’t be so serious :3

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Safe, but largely unnecessary.
Try without unless you have a specific use for it.
Or at least turn off its automatic updates. :wink:

The automatic updates weren’t the issue (also the freeversion doesn’t do auto-update). The issue was the file that you got from manually downloading the installer.
I think (but I could be wrong) the pro-versions auto-update is incremental/delta based. Also as I understand alternative download sources weren’t affected. It was not the software that was problematic, it was just the installer.

Not really funny after the millionth time tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Oh no its hilarious. Thin shit keeps happening and the users stand up and then run into the wall again.

Dealing with viruses is easier than broken kernel drivers. Dont be dumb.

As far as adding software to your system, its just adding background processes and potential vulnerabilities. Use script blocking extensions and turn java/activex off. Keep your system and browser up to date, firewall in check and you will be fine.


Well, they patched it out in a newer version, so as much as automatic updates installed the malware, they also brought the newer version which removed it? Automatic updates giveth and taketh.

@Argone Well, like many things, It really comes down to subjective trust at the end of the day. Do you trust CCleaner after all this? If so, have at it. If not, grab bleachbit or another alternative.

It didn’t, at least how I read it.

As much as it updated to the next version, either automatically or by sending you to the site to download. I don’t mean the updater went off to a third party site and maliciously installed a package onto said computer.