Caviar Black or Blue For Game Storage?

I already have a WD Caviar Blue 1TB drive and it is getting full. I would like to get a dedicated 1TB for my games only. I haven't found any benchmarks between these two drives and would like to know. Would I see a huge difference in boot time of game from Blue to Black? And is there anything else to take into consideration when picking a drive for game storage? 

While the Blue might be ever so sightly slower, I'd go for the cheaper part.

Just grab a ~120gb/$ SSD and load windows+one or two games to get that snappy experience.

Black drives are a tiny bit faster and have better warranty (its just there higher end drive from the blue) both are great drives ether will be fine.

I have a 250gb ssd for os, programs and a few games but I have like 60 games I would like to have on a drive so I can play anytime and not have to wait on download. I will probably just grab another blue drive. Thanks. 

The Black drives are slightly faster than the Blue drives, so if you have the money, get the Black Drive. It will reduce loading times by a couple seconds.

There's very little difference, especially in real world applications.  I would just go with the cheaper caviar blue drive.  It's a good balance of power consumption and performance.

I've seen a few stories about the blue drives crapping out alot or just having bad performance, although these could just be user error its worth taking note of.