Cat hair resistant Mouse pad?

I've never had a mouse pad since I've only been into pc gaming for a short while now, my desk is made of a cloth like material and I though it would work fine BUT it gets cat hair caught in it, which you can guess is amazing on any mouse tracking  sooooooo is there a certian type of mouse pad I should get or would pretty much any mouse pad not get cat hair caught it in? 

Soft cloth ones are pretty hair magnetic, but hard pads, like the Func 1030, don't really draw much cat hair.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm using dat cobra II and it doesn't have cloth feet just smooth plastic feet , I would imagine that would be loud on a hard surface? but with a hard surface no cat hair huhueheuheheuehuehueh

Looking at this anything like it minus the alienware logo :p 

This is the 1030 I was talking about.

lol went with a Steelseries Qck :p am i generic yet

brennan likes throwing his money at overly expensive things :p 

Razer makes a sticker-like mouse-pad thing. It's very smooth, and if you have decent low-friction pads on your mouse, it is relatively quiet.

Isn't that a cloth pad?

qck got here today, thing is awesome, it's slick so if cat hair gets on it I can just blow it off. But seriously my desk is cat hair central, I need to air compress it to death k thx bai

I'm using one right now. Yes it is, but i believe there is a hardmat version.

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I have that. It's the sphex. it wouldn't work well on his though since he said his table is made of soft cloth. Maybe a goliathus would do the trick :p