Casual ITX Gaming PC

Meybe some ideas. What cold be beter in this sistem?

Inportant! I have 5.1speakers.


Case :                Fractal Design Node 304

Motherboard:   AsRock B75M-ITX

CPU:                   Intel Core i5 3570


GPU:                  GeForce 9800GTX+ (my old GPU & Iove it)

RAM:                  Kingston HiperX DDR3 8GB 1600Mhz

PSU:                   Corsair CX600

SSD for OS:       Kingstoin 120GB

Ext. HDD:           WD 500 7200rpm sata3


budget and country?

Defenitly buy a better GPU. I can reccomand one as soon as you give us a budget.

If this is a budget computer build, then please, don't use the old GPU on the 1 PCIe port you have! Go to CeX and get a GPU or something for 5p but don't use an old card with a 3570

The 3570 with the 9800GT, is a bit of a mis-match. Allocate your funds appropriately, design a balanced system.