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Castiel's Short Campaign Invitation [March]


Greetings Everyone,
Have you ever wanted to be play a pen and paper tabletop RPG? Well now you may get a chance. Here is the deal. I'm a veteran Dungeon Master [12 years]. I recently finished writing my novella and am waiting to here back from the copyright office. I decided that I will run a short campaign in March using the Pathfinder rule set. Why pathfinder? Because it's open source and anyone can access the information they need to make a character without buying a book.


What I need from you if you want to join:
I need the days and hours you are available in EST [Cause I live in EST].

My times of availability are 6:00 PM EST to 11:00 PM EST Monday to Saturday. Have to leave Sunday open for the LAN.

The world:

This a world I created and have used for a couple campaigns.

Each session will only last one to two hours. There will be a total of at the most 4.

The catch:
I can only handle being a Dungeon Master for 5 people [Not including myself cause I'm not a player]. Meaning not all of you will be able to play. Do not worry about this. I will run future one shot campaigns. I will select five people based off the times people are available.

What you'll need to play the game:
Dice. Web Camera. A character I approve. Mic.

Once I have the list of people I will message them by PM to go over creating the character and providing the link to the google hangouts.

Let me know if you are interested by responding to this thread with the times you are available.



I am good most times on Sunday or Saturdays after 1530

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I would love to but I simply dont have the time.

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ill have to find a web cam and more importantly my dice, which should be fairly traight forward (hard to miss scale damascus dice with purple inlay), i wont say yay or nay for now b/c of the logistics of finding those but ill let you know in the future

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