Cashing Drives

Anyone have suggestions on a good cashing drive for a home server? These cashing drives might also serve as the install location for some of my dockers just to speed up some of the menus.

It’s cache and caching :slight_smile:

Can you elaborate, what use it specifically you have in mind when you say “menus”?

I just don’t understand your use case.

For docker, there’s Registry as a pull through cache | Docker Documentation but I’m not entirely sure it’s what you’re looking for. The primary purpose is to speed up container building across multiple machines by helping not have to download images over the internet. Each machine will keep its own image cache by default (in fact many people are annoyed by this and have to go through the effort to prune unused images).

Optane SSD

By caching drive, I assume you mean a NAS cache as a stop-gap measure to increase network throughput instead of having to work with slow-ass drives 150 MB/s mechanical drives directly?

Pretty much any NVMe or PCIe drive will work just fine as a cache drive, I recommend no larger than 240 GB for this purpose. For more permanent installs, make sure you have two separate drives.

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