Id like a case for my 8350 rig

With nice airflow and aircooling options 

And preferabbly a side window

Under £50


Open to reccomendations much appreciated



The CoolerMaster Elite 430 is a good bet, it has good reviews and has ample cooling options and it's quite a bit cheaper than 50£

I'm becoming such a fan of fractal design cases. They have a sleek elegance and many cooling options. A case is a personal thing though. You have to find what suites you. 

That's true but i'd stay within 70-100 Euro range if i were aiming for a fractal design cases, the "lower end" cases don't look that good really :/

If you weren't overseas I'd sell you my HAF 932 for 25£. It's an older one with USB 2.0. shipping that behemoth to euroland would probably cost too much.