Ok, im getting a case, I would like to know what you guys reccommend, I have a budget of $100 (US), 69.38 (Euros), 64.39 (pounds). So I was thinking antec 900. But I know how some people feel about it, soooo....I would like to get something in store at microcenter, and not order online (if possible), Sooooo

I need a rather large case to fit my 4870 in, I have a larger model that hardly can fit in my current case.

you could try the NZXT Tempest, or Thermaltake V9 but the v9's front brezel is shit, breaks easily

i would just get the 900, thats a good price i think.

let me give you my opinion on cases.

as long as the hardware fits its doesnt matter. unless you care about looks theres not really any difference in choosing a case. i personally am going to use an ultra wizard for my next build because i already have one laying around and i dont want someone coming into my dorm and stealing my pc cause it looks all leet. plus it just goes on the floor anyway and i dont see the point in putting on a light show under your desk. shit gets annoying anyway with all those lights. maybe im being too practical, but id rather invest the money id spend on a case into better hardware. as long as the pc runs my games fine i could care less what it looks like.

the only time id ever really care about having a fancy case was if i could make one out of human bones, and the disk drive would come out of the jaw and the eyes would light up red and a red light would pulsate inside the case like a beating heart, and instead of a power symbol button there would be a pentagram button, and when you push it to turn the pc on it would play that 5 second clip from the toxic holocaust song "EVIL NEVER DIEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!"

but thats just my opinion.

Im looking for something that doesnt come with a psu, I already have one, why pay for another one that wont be used. I'd rather pay for no psu and all case.

i suggest to go with the 900 although i dislike it its not that bad of a case other than the fact that every single person has it and it sucks at cable management but it looks damn sexy lol

Im going to buy a uv light and some cable ties tonight on newegg

NZXT TEMPEST has grate airflow and CoolerMaster NV690 NVIDIA Edition or standard 690 might be good to look at, Thermal management is important to consider with cases these days with todays hardware making so much heat this is very important now.

if you want a antec 900 get one, express yourself! JUST LIKE THE REST OF US