Hi guys i am building a new pc i a couple of days and i wan't to hear your recommendations on mid/big tower pc cases. I quite like the corsair 650D and the lanboy air some other really good cases above 100 and lower than 250 dollars and it would be nice to have a window


650D is nice.

NZXT Phantom 630 is new, and it's basically a smaller phantom 820.

Fractal XL R2.


I don't recommend HAF cases. The R4 window is also a sexy option. 

Why  not a haf case? I think the haf x is quite nice to

Also is it worth to buy an 800D i am planing on putting 4 drives and 1 7970 and a h100

After seeing it in action I bought a Fractal Design Define XL R2.

I suppose it's not the best if you want preformance but if you want a quiet case that is future proof I'd go with that. Also I really like how it looks, really don't like cases with lots of lights in them or windows.

I am about to buy a new computer and I am looking at the phantom 820 by NZXT, depending on your location and specials you may be able to find that for less $250, I am looking at about $245 for it. The Storm Trooper by cooler master is another excellent case as well. Here is a good review for the storm trooper, you can also find the NZXT phantom 820 on the same website (among a multitude of other cases).

Im into the CM Storm Sniper.  It looks pretty nice and you can get a window.  it has usb3, fan control, fan led on/off and it only costs about $140

The 800D is a nice choice if you're looking to expand your rig to include things that have greater TDP. Things like a second card, dual gpu cards, mechanical hard drives, extreme OC's. It's really only worth is if you want to easily mount an expansive water cooling loop. If you're not going to be doing something with two radiators or something wild like that, the 800D is just a huge chase with features you'll never use.

I don't recommend the HAF series because of piss-poor cable routing and while the HAF x is filtered it's still far too loud for the performance it delivers. Also it's a gigantic case, that might sound nice in theory, but wait until you have a 30lb minifridge taking up all the room you thought you had.

I use the Rosewill Thor V2..its Alright gets done what needs to be done...and for the price what more can you ask for