Case Wars

Okay, so it's not exactly a war, but here is the build I am looking to purchase in the next couple of months. I will post the build below, but the three cases I am trying to choose between are the Coolermaster CM690II Advance (with the window), the Tt Chaser A41, and the BitFenix Ronin.

So far the arguments for and against are are: the CM690II advance seems a really solid, sturdy case, has the blue LED fan in the fron that I am looking for, tonnes of options, but a bit more on the pricey side especially when considering buying a couple more LED fans for it

the Chaser is a tad more expensive, but has more included LED fans which would remove the later costs of buying more LED fans 

The Ronin is clearly cheaper, but I just really want to find out if it will be possible to see the colour if i stick an LED fan in the front. also would want LED fans later on.

Also, while I am at it, I was wondering if the community could just double check the compatibility of all my parts.

This is the build:

The cases:

The stuff I plan to purchase later on, if/when more money becomes available:

and Finally, I am also considering custom water cooling a bit further down the track from even my later purchases, still not sure whether it will happen though, also due to the fact that parts are harder to come by here in Australia (as far as I am aware)



Bitfenix Ronin, CM690II advance with window, or Tt Chaser A41? halp. 

Dont get the CM case - I had one and its near impossible to clean the dust filter mesh in the top of the case.

The Thermaltake IMHO is the best case and the only one with rubber grommets in the cable routing holes.  Get the bitfenix if the feet on the Thermaltake are too wide for your workspace/desk.

Can I recommend the Fractal Define R4?  Awesome case with easy cleaning options and you can get a clear window for it too. It is about $30 more expensive though (149.00)

If you can afford it get the 256GB 840 Pro SSD ($249.00) not the 120 - different memory controller, faster read and write and more IOPS.  You will fill the 120 faster than you think.....

I looked at the R4, and the increase in price, and lack of LED options ruled it out for me, I have no doubt it is a top quality case for the price though. I'm really quite keen on having a somewhat flashy blue build here, even if it isn't too flashy to start out with.

I'm definitely not looking for space on the SSD, if i could even find a 60GB one cheaper then i would pick it up in a heartbeat, and just chuck the OS on it. I am coming off using laptops, both of which have had bottom end 5400rpm WD drives, so I would think that I will even just find the HDD fast. 

Thanks for the feedback :)

How about this - blue accent case, better graphics card (not blue i know i'm sorry), heaps faster SSD, better MOBO, PSU with blue sockets