Case suggestions (200-250$)

Hello people of tek syndicate!

I need some help finding myself a case. It will be the house of a 8350 and an 7870.
The reason i've decided to spend this much on a case is so I can grow with it and use it on my next build.

The case needs to be quiet but still have a decent cooling ability.
What's on my mind right now is the upcoming FT04 from Silverstone but the reviews are lacking and I really do not know a lot about it.

Thanks in advance!

Are you looking to full out water cool in the future, and how much do you want to upgrade?


You could look at the corsair obsidian 900D, but I think unless you're giong all out with a super expensive righ with watercooling stick to something more compact and cheaper so you can have better graphics than a 7870 (not that it's bad, but If I could have something better, I certainly would).


Look into getting a Fractal Design Arc XL when it comes out soon. Probably the best thing you could find and it won't be too far over $100 I don't think. If you can't wait -like me- get a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2. Corsair also has some nice obsidian cases in this price range if you want to check them out.  

Now, I would normally recommend you spend more on the GPU, or more on the CPU, but let me tell you, having a really ncie case is a luxury that you will thoroughly enjoy.

The FT04 is a  fantastic case. You should look into the TJ07, at that price though. I know for a fact there is a $200 on on Ebay right now. It would have to be repainted, but it's powdercoated right now :)