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Case suggestion for Ryzen


Hi all!
I’m building a Ryzen PC 2700X system and have no idea which case I need to choose. For now I’ll be running stock frequencies but later on I want to do overclocking with air cooling. I want to go as cheap as possible while still having good thermals. My mainboard will be full ATX. Having 4 3,5’’ HDD slots would be ideal. Some suggestions?


Are you going for looks or silence?
Fractal design is what I like, but thats personal.
If I where you I would go for some well known brand.

Level1 on YT has some case reviews if you want to go deep.
HardwareCanucks is my go to for case reviews.


I want it to look clean and simple, no screaming “gamer” colors. Don’t really care for the noise level. I know that skimping on the case while overclocking is bad, but I’m really stretching my budget here, so I want to be sure I choose good value here. Some nice inexpensive ones have only 2 HDD mounting slots, so no good for me. Thanks for the youtube suggestion, haven’t seen this channel yet.


Honestly, Ryzen is fairly cool as CPUs go.
There aren’t any specific requirements for anything as far as CPUs go …
If you want clean look you can go for something like NZXT H500 non “i” or InWin 301 or 303 or whatever you find for decent price…

As for YouTube channels I can also recommend GamersNexus for case reviews. They go out of their way to rest multiple different fan configurations and have fairly large database of cases and their cooling performance.


Ryzen does not need much in terms of cooling. Depending on GPU choice (R9 Fury, GTX 1080ti, Vega56 & 64, RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080ti), you may need something with a bit more airflow.

A few ideas:


I personally like Gamer’s Nexus’ take on this kind of thing. Cases are not just a ‘case by case basis’ (puns)
but it’s really your preference as well. You can have a non-RGB case with a lot of features, just look around.