Case/radiator fans

hi I'm looking for 3 fans. 2 for my radiator for my h100i as those that come stock are stupid loud and stupidly annoying an I'm looking for 1 fan pwm if cheap enough to put on the bottem but idk if I should do air flow or a static pressure.

All three 120mm? Noctua NF-F12 PWM. Efficient, quiet, will work for ever.

If I ever do a liquid cooled build, I'm just gonna use a car radiator without any fans. (none would be necessary)

Along with Noctua EK Vardar's are very nice as well.

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Cheap - Arctic F12... Get them with pwm fan hub and you can get 3 standard and one PWM F12 arctic. Cheaper than 1 Noctua, enough for Push-Pull.
If you want the best - Noctua NF-F12...
If you want overpriced crap - Corsair have a lot of different fans.

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I just picked up 5 of these and I like them.

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I have like 30 canadian for them and yeh all will be 120mm and they will be in a push configuration. unless pulling is nicer? aswell as the bottem case fan will be at the bottem just near the cords on my psu

I miss Tasty


Who doesn't?



Yates loon they are like 6 USD per silent although they are not pwm, other than that swiftech makes one called a helix for around 12 USD, alphacool makes some. Point being spending 20+ per fan cause it's shit brown is always the wrong choice

yeh I have 3 140mm and 1 shit brown 120mm.... it'll throw my whole case off if I put it in lol

EK Vardars are great, better than NF-F12 for radiators (yes I have both and the Vardar's are better)

I decided to get these hope I don't regret my choise

Well... those will work for case fans, but those are not optimal for a radiator. You can get the SP versions (static pressure) for your radiator and the AF (air flow) for your case.

yeh I got the sp for the radiator and the af for the bottem. but are those sp ones quieter then the stock fans 120l or something

is what I got

Yes they will be, the stock fans on Corsairs rads are pretty cheap and louder. Plus with the "quiet edition" you get an adapter with a resistor built in that lowers the stock RPM making it much quieter though you do lose some cooling performance.

With out the resistor its about 35db compared to the stock fans which are around 37-38db. With the adapter it goes down to 23db but you also lose about half of your CFM. So it may take some testing but give it a go and see how it performs. If anything they look a lot nicer than the grey stock fans.