Case Question

Quick questions:

Im doing a new gaming build, prefferably with a full tower case. So far I have narrowed it down to the Haf X, the CM Storm Trooper and more on the mid tower size the Corsair 600t White edition. I don't need a fan controller since I will be using the asus AI suite for my fan controlling. I really care mostly about airflow and build quality.


The 600t is great, but overused. I would personally look into the NZXT Switch 810 and the Fractal Design Define XL R2. Any of the aforementioend cases will be fine, but the Switch 810 and Define XL are going to be better quality.

so the haf x and stormtrooper arent good quality? i like thier gigantic size lol

I have used a few CM cases, I like them.  I bought the HAF XM over the HAF X because the HAF X has up side down front USB ports.

Either the HAF X or the Storm Trooper will be great choices.

now after looking at the switch 810 i think i will be going with that. Thanks for all of your help

They are great quality, but the FD XL and Switch 810 are better quality. I think they look better, too ;)

I like many of the NZXT cases that happen to fit within the standard box design without having random protrusions like the Phantom 410 series... I think the Switch 810 could have been done a little better, but it is massive and has lots of nice features. Alternately, the Corsair is always a pretty good option.

i just saw a video review and it looks like the top part is really flimsy, im not sure again about which case im going to get

Trooper or Stryker

I have a cooler master storm enforcer, looks great with a huge 200mm red led fan. It has two case fans in total, and quite alot of space. It looks nice as well :D

Haf X is hideous and ugly, really please, it really is. CM Storm Trooper has poor airflow. So 600 all the way.

Alternatively you could get a silverstone RV03. Excellent cooling and if you like the aesthetic a great case for the money :)

I am going to buy this case BTW