Case power button only resets

I'm back wiih more questions.

I have the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv ATX case w/ Tempered glass,

I have everything connected and up and running but for some reason my power button doesnt actually power the pc. It only resets it if it's already on.

Whats up with this?

It's important to note that the case only came with the led +/- 2 pin cable and the power SW 2 pin cable. Nothing else. Did i simply not receive the required cables for my case?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I dont not want to have to take off my glass panel every time i want to power on my pc.

Sounds like the front panel connectors are wired incorrectly. What motherboard are you using?


Asus Maximus IX Hero.

And the only cables i got as outlined above are:

[Led +/-] AND [Power SW]

Right, that's one that uses those connectors that you plug the cables into first. Even the manual doesn't give a proper indication of the pin layout.

Looking at photos online, I see that there's a description of each pin printed on the motherboard just above and below the pins.
Looking at it normally, you'd see the pins like this :

1 2 3 4 (empty)
6 7 8 9 10

Right now you seem to have plugged your power switch into the reset switch pins, which would be 8 and 9.
It's hard to tell because I don't have good pictures, but it looks like the PWR is actually pin 3 and 4. If you plug the switch into those pins, it should work properly.

Ah! Okay. I'll give this a try when i get home.

So would that enable power toggle PLUS reset or no?

And why didnt Phanteks just include all the damn connectors?! lol

Other than checking the cabling, if you're on windows it could be a setting in power manager where the power button on reboots.

That would only enable power, no reset.
You can of course always reset a PC by holding the power button down for 5 or so seconds (shutting it down hard) and then pushing it once more to restart it. Does the same thing as a reset button really.

@Yockanookany if it were a Windows setting, he'd still be able to use the power button to do a cold boot.
Crimsonblade mentions that he now has to remove the side panel to power it on via the switches on the MoBo itself. That to me is a clear indication that the power switch just isn't plugged in to the right header pins.


Yeah... in retrospect it was a dumb question. Cant have boot on button press AND reset on button press at the same time.

That being said, a few extra seconds of holding a button once or twice a month is much less time spent than the time spent taking off thumbscrew side panels and hitting start on mobo etc.

Thanks again. Will try this later.


It worked. Thanks a bunch.

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