Case Modding

I have a simple question, what would you guys say is the best paint to re-paint a computer case? - Keep in mind it should probably be somewhat heat resistant too? - Just in case some component manages to rocket to a blazing 80°C, although, that really shouldn't happen.

Engine enamel

Radiator Paint is heat resistant.
But any good quality paint should do.

that would be the most heat resistant. I have used just the normal rattle can spray paint, works well no problems so far.

Sounds good, I'm assuming I can get this kinda paint from pretty much any car shop? - If not, I can always just say screw it and order it online.

Best way? If you are just doing a repaint with a new color, go see if a car shop will paint it for you. Works really well. In fact the Ryzen PC cases were painted with 15 layers of auto paint.
Now if you are doing more than just a recolor it will be different.

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You can get spray can enamel from any place that sells spray paint

I didn't even think of that, but why the hell not, it saves me screwing up, I pretty much plan on changing the colour so that one half of the case is one colour, the other half is another colour. But I would like to stress, I don't plan on painting it down the middle or anything like that, I use the word half very loosely.

Well not necessarily? - I mean in my area, there are a lot of crappy shops that sell crappy spray paint that's just meant to paint something that's not really going to need a good quality finish or require any resistance to anything. I.e. a kids toy or something, I can't really think of a great example, but yeah, I'm sure you get my point.

you can even (if they are a good place) have different panels different colors and etc
my parents did a similar type of deal with the doors we had on our old house, they were metal so took it to a car shop and had them painted porsche blue lol


Well I was only going to go with a fairly simple colour scheme anyway, white and black, so I'd really just be leaving the one panel it's original colour. But that's a good piece of advice either way, just for future reference, thanks for that! :)

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Engine enamel is good because it is tough but your case will never reach the temps of your components, good old rustoleum or krylon should be good enough for all your painting needs

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Yeah, I thought that maybe engine enamel would be a bit overkill, I can always have a look around I guess? - I only thought of asking here first as I have no experience with painting metal/plastics, so thank you for your suggestions.

you'll only need maybe 2 or 3 cans so if enamel has the look you want go for it, there is an enamel that is a near perfect match for monster green (which i love) and no other paint comes close to it.

I was just going to go for a glossy white look, I'm a pretty boring person when it comes to colours, in addition to the fact that I like the whole minimal look.

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be sure to post a build log, love seeing what others do

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Oh I will, once I've upgraded my setup as a whole, I'll be damn sure to post a picture here and there, as I'm going to be going all out, I was even gonna get cable management tools for outside of the case. Preferably stuff that doesn't require screws because I'm going to be buying a nice desk sometime in the new year too, I should also mention this is a bit of a long term project, just because of the fact that I'm a student. I don't have a tonne of money to spare. But considering how much I use my PC and other variables, I think that I can justify spending a pretty penny or two on a pretty amazing setup.

I'm not sure where I posted it, but I even plan on upgrading my peripherals, to see the end product compared to before, it should be pretty exciting. It may not be the most insane setup you've ever seen, but I'm going to do my best to make it pretty damn neat and tidy, as well as ticking all the boxes for my personal needs.

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they have rattle cans of high temp barbecue paint if you dont mind limited color selection lol

AMD makes Ryzen branded PC cases now? :P

i meant the ones they used at the New Horizons event lol