Case Modding Questions

So I just picked up a CM Stacker 830 from my local thrift store for $20 bucks, its all scuffed and scratched and missing some parts but its a very nice case and worth fixing in my opinion.

Its got a brushed metal finish to it and I'm wondering what the best approach to painting it would be, I'm thinking I want to paint it white, maybe leave the mesh black or either change it to a Blue color.

Would hitting the metal with like a 220 grit and then a 2000 smooth it out enough to be able to prime and paint and not have any odd textures? also what kind of paint would you guys recommend for both the case and the mesh?

Here's a generic pic from the internet of someones CMStacker 830 for a Idea of what it looks like

i think you got it. automobile paint would be the pimpest but i think if it's done well anyone color will look nice.

took a quick picture of it, its pretty scuffed up but a nice coat of paint will make that go away just fine. Its not dented anywhere and the mesh is perfect.

you could probably get away with just sanding up the surface of the current paint back to the primer and adding white as a new coat on top. i have painted many a case part but some can be iffy and require some sort of primer. as for sanding i find that the spray paint will fill the marks left by the sand paper leaving a pretty sooth finish, i would say 2000 is way unnecessary unless you are polishing up some kind of metal surface to a shine. 220 or even 360 grit should be plenty since a rougher surface often helps paint stick better.

A good option would be to go and do several coats of white (sanding between coats) then apply matt or glass (depending on your taste) clear laquer to the top so it doesnt scratch so easy.

if you want to go the extra mile, drill all the rivits, paint all the parts from the ground up then re assemble, a bit overkill, haha..... but i would suggest dismanteling to some degree as no matter how much masking tape you use.... some paint always gets on the wrong thing or you will end up missing a tiny spot.

the grills should be easy to remove and paint.

i find the ordinary hardware store spray paint is fine for this kind of job, you dont really need anything fancy

The case should come all the way apart down to the unpainted aluminum interior, all the black bits from what I see on the web come off, and yea the mesh just has tabs that you bend straight and they come right off.

Thanks for the tips guys, I'll be sure to post results when I get around to painting it!

best be getting creative then.

you could even tape out some shapes and have some kinda blue and white pattern.

im still struggling to make the purple and yellow hardwood laminate pannels for mine.. havent even got to the painting stage yet on my latest build. best of luck man and show us your results


yeah, give it a hammered finish.

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